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2017 was a very good year for the firm in so many ways.  The firm's case load has grown, the firm helped many clients successfully resolve legal issues, and the firm moved into new office space.  But 2017 will also be remembered bitter-sweetly.  On December 17, 2017 our law partner, friend, and mentor Mike Evans passed away.  Those who knew Mike know how large a loss this is to us, his family, his friends, his clients, and even to the people of Oklahoma.

We celebrated his life in Frederick, Oklahoma at a service on December 21 that was attended by many from the legal community including numerous Oklahoma Supreme Court justices, Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals judges, and local judges and lawyers from around the state.  It was a truly a testimony of the respect people from all over Oklahoma held for Mike.  Mike embodied three principles:  pride in his work, preparedness, and professionalism to his clients, to the court, and to other lawyers.

As 2017 comes to an end, and 2018 begins, we feel the best "New Year's Resolution" for our firm is to honor Mike's memory by focusing on pride in work, preparedness, and professionalism.  It is not that we did not have this focus before, but there is no better time than the new year to renew that focus.  Indeed, Mike would have it no other way.  

To our clients and friends, we wanted to extend a special thanks to all the many cards, text messages, emails and calls.  These gestures mean a lot to us.

So, we wish all of you a Happy New Year! And may the memory of those who have passed, like Mike, motivate each of us to make this world a better place.



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